CFR 764.001


  • Slider Image 1. MLA Resita - 2012. Steam locomotive CFR 764.001.
CFR 764.001

The series of 764.000 is the common type of steam locomotives (narrow gauge) for forest railways and in the C.F.R. system. They were used in the combined transports in Târgu Mureș, Satu Mare, Alba Iulia, Turda and Sibiu rail yards areas.

Initially the locomotive registered as 1312 went to TC Gh. Gh. Deja (Onesti), and was set in work in 1952. When repealed, it was known as CFR 764.001.

It also was transferred to Resita from Satu Mare for the local collection of steam locomotives, in the same series with CFR 764.493 and CFR 764.103.

  • Year: 1952
  • Manufacturer: SOVROM Metal Resita
  • Type: Dt-n2, CFF
  • Construction Nr.: 1312
  • Narrow gauge: 760 mm
  • Length: 7.10 m
  • Weight - empty: 20.5 t
  • Weight - loaded: 25.8 t
  • Fuel: coal
  • Wheel diameter: 750 mm
  • Tractive effort: 4473 kgf
  • Maximum speed: 30 km/h
  • Slider Image 3. MLA Resita - 2012. Steam locomotive CFR 764.001.

The first two locomotives of Dt-n2 produced in 1930 in Resita went to CSFG Ierbus;
- in 1933, a machine for the narrow gauge of 600m went to Fabrica de Ciment Cernavoda / Cernavoda Cement Plant.

There were two others, in 1936, for Forestiera Nadrag. The 20 next ones went to C.F.R. (1937), 3 to Minele Telic / Teliuc Mines (1941), and 6 to C.A.P.S. / Forests Chamber of Romania (1944).

In 1951 they had resumed production of the above type and 244 machines were manufactured after; 277 was the total number of Dt-n2 machines manufactured in Resita up to 1959 (Standard, CAPS, CFF, and CFR).

From a total of 20 steam locomotives for the People's Republic of China, exported in 1958, 10 belonged to that type (construction numbers from 3022 to 3031, and number plates from 11/A to 20/A).