Resita Steam Locomotive Museum


  • Slider Image 1. Resita, North Railway Station - 2012. The Royal Train. Steam locomotive CFR 230.516. Construction No.: 372. Year: 1937.

In 1872 the first steam locomotive in southeastern Europe was built. This historic moment that took place in Resita is one of the countless industrial premieres of local factories.

In 1972, a century later, the open-air steam locomotives exhibition was inaugurated, containing 16 representative pieces manufactured between 1872-1960.

In 2012, after 40 and 140 years, respectively, on the occasion of the anniversary, the Royal Train was present in Resita.

Having this first steam locomotive in the center of a collection classified as an Ensemble of National and Universal Importance in the List of Historical Monuments, the U.D.R. Foundation aims to inaugurate the largest open-air technical museum in Europe, Resita Steam Locomotive Museum.

At the 1-40-140 event from September 16, 2012, at 16.00, along with the citizens of Resita and all passionate about the history of railways were present personalities from the country and abroad whose name is related to the history of locomotive construction and the museum, specialists, representatives of local and central authorities.